MEDINBIO Solutions Organic Agriculture

June 28, 2021

MEDINBIO supports farms and producer organisations in their transition to organic farming. 

We develop natural technical solutions and a unique method: an innovative system approach that makes it impossible to choose between performance and respect for the environment.  

Our solutions are adapted to the problems of each culture and each player. They offer a response to the expectations of Organic Agriculture certification. Our expertise enables us to build tailor-made programmes with you, combining our advice with the best of our existing products and our innovations.

With MEDINBIOyou can move forward with confidence towards achieving your ambitions of reducing your chemical pesticide footprint

MEDINBIO supports you in your transition to organic farming and in your performance ambitions

Our collaborations with universities, research centres, producers and industrialists have enabled us to establish ourselves as a major player in the field of agro-ecological solutions thanks to our aggregative system approach.

Our proposals and solutions are adapted to the specific needs of our partners: from the creation of an agro-ecological sector, to the resolution of technical impasses, to the improvement of technical and economic performance in organic farming. 

Beyond our role as a consultant and supplier of natural products, our unique combination of skills allows us to deliver viable and deployable solutions at scale through successive phases of auditing, research, experimentation, testing and deployment with training and follow-up, for a complete support of our partners. 

MEDINBIO's agro-ecological approach 

From the field to the lab, MEDINBIO's innovative formulations innovative formulations offer all the strength of targeted biostimulation, tailor-made for each problem.

Our method is based on crop protection programmes using the synergistic combination of several natural solutions developed specifically for each pest: 

  • Microorganisms MEDINBIO's bio-intensive strategy focuses on the soil to strengthen the plant from the root upwards and to stimulate the rhizosphere with micro-organisms.
  • NDS (Natural defence stimulators): Thanks to a good understanding of biological mechanisms, the formulations developed by MEDINBIO identify the best time to activate the plant's defence system.

Natural agents MEDINBIO develops natural agents that are effective according to specific targets (plant pests, pathogenic fungi, etc.). These natural molecules of great diversity are biodegradable and respect ecosystems.