Sustainable agriculture certification

July 27, 2021

MEDINBIO offers a complete support to its partners for a transition to sustainable agriculture: 

  • preservation of natural resources ;
  • biodiversity enhancement ;
  • strengthening biological regulation in agro-ecosystems. 

With MEDINBIO, get to HVE certification faster. 

For your ambitions of healthier and more efficient sectors in integrated agriculture, we offer a method combining a tailor-made system approach with innovative products: science at the service of nature. 

Reconcile respect for health and the environment with high agricultural yields. Benefit from our expertise and know-how thanks to our innovative model of organic intensive agriculture aimed at gradually reducing pesticides while guaranteeing phytotechnical performance. 

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Transition to sustainable agriculture to obtain certification 

Numerous certifications and private environmental initiatives have been created to promote the value of industries and farms committed to protecting the environment and ecosystems, particularly among consumers, and to communicate on the actions of manufacturers and farmers. 

They are often associated with demanding and rigorous specifications, some of which favour the reduction of synthetic phytosanitary products and inputs, the reduction of the carbon impact of farms or the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems. 

The government also supports environmental progress initiatives with the Organic Agriculture certification and the HVE (High Environmental Value) certification with result indicators relating to biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy, fertilisation and irrigation management.

HVE certification is the highest step in the certification process for good environmental practices. It is based on demanding obligations to achieve results that promote the application of the principles of sustainable agriculture. 

Whatever your project, Medinbio offers you a complete and personalised support to achieve your objectives and obtain a certification. 

MEDINBIO support and expertise in sustainable agriculture

We work beyond the role of consultant and supplier of innovative products to offer tailor-made solutions to producer organisations, the food industry and the retail sector. 

Our aggregative system approach is an alternative to the conventional farming model, but it also differs from organic farming in that it aims to preserve yields. 

How : The MEDINBIO method is based on targeted biostimulation carried out within crop protection programmes using the synergistic combination of several natural solutions (microorganisms, natural defence stimulators and natural active ingredients) developed specifically for each pest. 

We support producers in their environmental approach and towards the reduction of pesticides by setting up an approach that can go as far as launching up to the launch of certified pesticide-free channels. The Medinbio method involves successive phases of auditing, research, experimentation, testing and deployment with training and follow-up.

It allows agricultural actors to open doors to new markets offering fair remuneration for production, through specific quality channels, by moving away from the classic problem/solution paradigm and offering a more global approach to crops.

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