The return of pesticides? Let's not fight the wrong battle!

February 2, 2024

Press release

While demands that imported products meet the same agri-environmental standards as those demanded by Europe are a very healthy and imperative requirement, the call for the return of synthetic pesticides is far less legitimate.

If neonicotinoids have been banned, it's because they are weapons of mass destruction, killing not only crop pests but also, unfortunately and indiscriminately, all the insects we need to ensure our survival. Einstein is credited with the famous phrase: 'If bees were to disappear, mankind would have only four years to live'.

To say that nothing exists to replace pesticides is false. Combined actions now make it possible to combat many crop problems previously treated uniformly by a handful of synthetic products. Accompanying nature by reinforcing it through a combination of targeted actions deployed just in time is no more expensive than suppressing the ever-increasing number of diseases that emerge from depleted soils and weakened plants.

The alternative solutions already available are constantly being developed, but are still little known to our producers.

By taking the easy way out - by reintroducing neonicotinoids - we are depriving ourselves of a healthy, high-performance agriculture of the future.

Let's not use the fear of scarcity to justify going backwards! Let's rise above today's agri-environmental and economic challenges and support our farmers so that they can adopt this new way of farming without having to bear the cost of adapting to tomorrow's methods.

Thierry Picaud, agricultural engineer and founder of PhytoSynthèse and Medinbio, emphasizes: "To continue destroying biodiversity is to saw off the branch on which we are sitting. The list of alternative solutions on the market is impressive. It is constantly growing, thanks to initiatives that we must encourage. Governments must make it a priority to support farmers in their efforts to adopt this new agriculture. Nature is stronger than chemistry. Let's not be afraid to trust it!

Notes :

[1] MEDINBIO: Franco-Belgian company active in the biostimulants and agroecological transition sector. MEDINBIO's innovative products and services are based on an aggregative and complementary approach. Developed in response to requests from major agri-food groups (the Carrefour group, the Axereal cereal group and the Primeal and Bonduelle agro-industrial groups), in collaboration with research institutes active in accelerating the ecological transition, the natural active ingredients and targeted treatment programs formulated and developed by MEDINBIO have to date enabled the development of 13 pesticide-free agro-ecological sectors.

[2] Press contact:

France: Thierry PICAUD, Founder, CEO - - +33.6.12 70.47.71

Belgium/EU: Aline DELHAYE , Public Affairs Manager - - +32497222855