Optimising yields with biostimulation

June 23, 2021

The market for agricultural inputs has diversified greatly in recent years. It has seen the emergence of innovative products based on a biostimulation process that optimise crop yields while presenting themselves as a more environmentally friendly solution for the health of farmers and consumers. 

Biostimulation products are arousing growing interest among the various players in the agricultural world. Medinbio supports producers in this process thanks to its agro-ecological aggregative system approach.  

Biostimulation, an alternative to optimise agricultural yields without pesticides

Biostimulation is a way forward for the agricultural models of tomorrow. It aims to improve the biological functions of plants and soils as well as the interactions between soil and plant. Biostimulants offer innovative solutions to the fertilisation and crop protection problems faced by farmers. 

Biostimulants make it possible to minimise the environmental impact of farms and meet agronomic requirements such as improved growth and quality of crops, better absorption of nutrients and better plant protection against pest attacks. Thus, they also represent an economic gain through increased yields. 

Biostimulation is part of an agroecological approach. Agroecology is defined as a set of practices aimed at the emergence of agricultural production systems capable of making the most of the functionalities offered by agroecosystems in order to sustainably reconcile socio-economic, environmental and health performances. 

How does biostimulation work? 

A biostimulation product is defined as: "substances and micro-organisms that can stimulate natural processes to improve nutrient consumption and nutrient efficiency and crop quality". (Extract from EU Regulation 2019/1009)

These biostimulation solutions represent a real paradigm shift from a curative to a preventive vision, with the objective of not losing yield and productivity. 

Therefore, these biostimulants do not act to directly eradicate an external threat to crops such as a pest attack. Instead, they act to stimulate biological processes in both the plant and the soil to allow biological systems to adapt, for example by improving nutrient uptake, and to provide the ability to protect themselves by stimulating the plant's natural defences.

Optimising yields through biostimulation with Medinbio solutions 

Medinbio is a major player in the field of bio-intensive solutions by means of an innovative method of managing biotic and abiotic risks.

The need for a new approach is explained by the mode of action of synthetic molecules: they often have a systemic activity that lasts over time, which is not the case with natural extracts.  

With this in mind, it is no longer possible to offer a single response to a given problem. This is why Medinbio has developed the AGREGATIVE SYSTEM APPROACH. 

Yield optimization with biostimulation

It is based on the synergistic combination of several natural solutions with biostimulant properties developed specifically for each problem on three levers:

  • SOIL: with the stimulation of the rhizosphere by specific prebiotics and the contribution of beneficial microorganisms for the plant;
  • NDS: stimulators of the plant's natural defences against biotic and abiotic stresses;
  • Natural active ingredients: selection of active ingredients capable of limiting the pressure of damage caused by biotic and abiotic stresses. 

It is the well-orchestrated combination of these three levels of action that naturally restores the power of the chemical solution without its negative effects. 

Thus, the Medinbio approach is innovative, respectful of health and the environment while maintaining the yields and performance of conventional management thanks to the combined action of natural active ingredients, NDS and micro-organisms.

This approach is constantly being improved thanks to Medinbio 's collaborative network of universities, research centres, producers and industry.

From the field to the lab, Medinbio's innovative formulations offer all the strength of a targeted biostimulation formulated for each problem in order to deliver viable solutions that can be deployed on a large scale thanks to successive phases of auditing, research, experimentation, trials and deployment with training and follow-up.

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