Bioscience expertise
Towards different, efficient agriculture...


The stages in the Medinbio consultation process

    • MEDINBIO supports industry to reduce pesticide use step by step with the comprehensive SOIL, NDS and biological control approach.

      Our team of agronomists has built an improvement approach by incorporating local expertise and a continuous improvement plan.
    • The steps are as follows :

      Defining the objectives by anticipating the possibility of drawing up specifications.

      Evaluating he current situation on the basis of an observation of existing techniques.

      Organization: this step determines the speed at which the approach is implemented. It requires the motivation and availability of a group of people ranging from the field to management.

      The practical work begins which includes designing a series of experiments, setting up test plots and using soil and sap analyses, etc.

    • The data are then processed to validate the effectiveness of the solutions put in place as compared to a control. The solutions always take the notion of cost into consideration in order to avoid offering effective, but not economically viable, solutions.

      Our approach in particular applies to :
      - Fruit and vegetable crops
      - Large scale crops
      - Vines